Volunteers are the work force of our Center.  Our volunteer receptionists and kitchen staff help

with the daily operation.  We offer monthly Dances, Root Beer Float Days,

Thrift Shop, and more, which are held throughout the year.  In order to have these events,

as well as our activities and classes, volunteers are needed.

Each volunteer is valuable to our activities and programs.

Regardless of the program or activity, volunteers are the unsung heroes that make these

activities and fund raisers successful.  Without their help, our Center might just be a

great building with not much going on inside. 


One way to show your participation is to volunteer at our many fundraisers throughout the year.

People who sign up often feel like it's much more fun than working.


Please offer to volunteer your skills, or try something new – we need your talents! 


If you would like to offer to assist in one of our events or to volunteer in any other way,

please contact us.  Be sure to let us know what talents you'd like to share.


Here are just a few fundraisers we often need help with:

 Root Beer Float Days


 Thrift Shop

Library Book Sales

Bus Trips

Center Store

Our Ways & Means Committee consists of representatives from the above groups.  But more importantly, we need more volunteers that will not only develope fundraisers, but to also volunteer at fundraisers.  Remember - we are a non-profit organization, and all fundraisers monies go into our Operating Budget to keep the Center open while providing classes, activities, lunch, and other services specifically geared toward to the senior population.

Our Welcome Committee will talk with prospective members, as well as current members, to let them know about all activities, to take tours of the buildinig, and to meet other members, instructructors, and others.  Once a member joins, the committee will tlk with them again, to find out how they like the Center, any suggestions, and anything else they'd like to share with management.

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