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Welcome to the

Pennridge Community Center

Holiday Cash Winners 2022 
1 1:30 PM $100.00 169 Debbie Schuler
2 1:35 PM $100.00 076 Paul Burns
3 1:40 PM $100.00 037 Maria Harrison
4 1:45 PM $100.00 018 Clara Emert
5 1:50 PM $100.00 129 Diane Getty
6 1:55 PM $100.00 064 Linda Rosenberger
7 2:00 PM $100.00 082 Carol Kuhns
8 2:05 PM $100.00 132 Janice Jaeger
9 2:10 PM $100.00 199 Patti Kerr
10 2:15 PM $100.00 148 Isabella Fox
11 2:20 PM $100.00 238 Margaret Mace
12 2:25 PM $100.00 152 Steph Heimbach
13 2:30 PM $100.00 185 David Nyman
14 2:35 PM $100.00 050 Skeeter Musselman
15 2:40 PM $100.00 189 Eric Rosenberger
16 2:45 PM $100.00 132 Janice Jaeger
17 2:50 PM $100.00 190 Mary & Bob Fravel
18 2:55 PM $100.00 201 Colleen Pursell
19 3:00 PM $500.00 149 Sue Bossard

We want to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser!


 Senior Expo held at Pennridge Community Center

On November 20th, a Senior Expo, was held at our Center, sponsored by State Representative   Shelby Labs, PA House of Representatives. Exhibitors were on hand to provide information and answer questions important to Seniors. A consumer protection presentation including how to best protect yourself from scams was given as well. Also, she and her staff were available to apply for a SEPTA Senior Pass—both new applications and renewals. We were so happy to see such a wonderful turnout. There were 361 people who attended, and 159 of the 361 attendees were our members. Thank you!


Computer Use Assistance

Ray Gilby will be using his many years of using a computer to help others do the same. He is providing assistance tailored to the participant’s need. The need can include using the computer (mouse, touch pad, touch screen), using Microsoft (Word, Spreadsheets, Outlook, Visio, PowerPoint), Email or using the internet. Each session will consider the existing knowledge and additional needs of the participant(s). Assistance will be scheduled based on the participant(s) and Ray’s schedule and will be mornings Monday – Wednesday. If multiple participants need similar assistance, sessions may include multiple participants. Assistance can be conducted on the participant’s or center’s PC.

To schedule assistance, email Ray at RaymondGilby@gmail.com">RaymondGilby@gmail.com or call 215-453-7027 with the following information:

  • Name and phone number (cell if possible)
  • Desired training subject (if you don’t know, say that and we will start from there)
  • Mornings in the next two weeks that won’t work

Our Center is also available for rentals.

Our Membership renewal is on a Calendar year. We are now taking renewals and new Members.

Book Club - 10:00 am - 11:00 am,  Book Club every 1st Monday of the month (no book club on Holidays and bad weather), Next one is on October 3rd.

 Our Thrift Shop is open every Tuesday, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (closed on Holidays and bad weather). Every 1st Tuesday of the month everything is 50% off.

 Pennridge Reopening

Masks are not required, but are strongly recommended if you are not fully vaccinated. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, we fully support your decision to do so. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. Increased cleaning protocols are in place. We strongly recommend that participants follow proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette. Please note, if guidelines for wearing masks change, our Center may be required to ask everyone to wear a mask.

Trips at Pennridge 


  Aluminum Cans

Did you know there is a re-cycling bin for the Silverdale community and our Center for aluminum cans for recycling? This very long dumpster is in the back of the parking lot, where you can bring only your aluminum cans. Please don’t bring anything else to put in the re-cycling bin. It’s only for aluminum cans.

The proceeds from recycling are then donated to the Center by the Silverdale Borough Council. Thank You!



BCARSC Website -

The Bucks County Association of Retired and Senior Citizens has a new website.  BCARSC is the association that manages four Centers within Bucks County.  This new website has it own information as well as access to the four Centers it manages:  Neshaminy Activity Center, Central Bucks Activity Center, Pennridge Community Center, and Upper Bucks Activity Center.  Click here to access this new site.


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Please check our Events tab for details on programs and events that typically go on each year.  

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Details of events are listed in our Newsletter,

or you can always stop in at the Center

and check in the lobby for details and times.

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 Come inside and see our active members participating in activities

ranging from Line Dancing to Tai Chi, Chair Yoga,

Art Class, Billiards, Table Tennis, and more!  Members also play mahjongg,

bingo, and cards.  You may participate in frequent trips, monthly

 dances and make new friends over a nutritious lunch.

Our Calendar will provide more information about

activities, classes, trips and special events.


Please view some of the information on the tabs at the top of the page,

browse our Calendar, and  read our latest Newsletters.

Above all, visit us  at  the Center, if possible, and take a tour,

sit in  on a class or activity, or join us for lunch.

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 Center Closures

The Center will be closed for National Holidays.

Please refer to your Newsletter or our online Calendar for specific information.


Also, the Center will be closed due to inclement weather coinciding with the closing of

the Pennridge area schools (#757 on some radio stations).  If you are unsure of the

closure, WNPV (1440 AM) and WFMZ-TV69 (Allentown) will announce the school closing

by name, as does www.6ABC.com (TV station).

NOTICE - If the school district opens late the Center will also open late, by the same

number of hours.  Also, if the school district closes early, the center will close

early, by the same number of hours.  If the weather is bad and if the Center is open,

use common sense if you decide to drive to the Center.

CBS3 carries school closings online ahttp://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/schools/.  


You may also call the Center at 215-453-7027 or 215-453-7028. 


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The Pennridge Community Center serves citizens ages 55 and older who reside in the boroughs of Dublin, Perkasie, Sellersville, Silverdale, and Telford (part) and the townships of Bedminster, East Rockhill, Hilltown, and West Rockhill Some members live outside this geographical area, and some maintain memberships at more than one Center.  All are welcome here.  The public is also welcome to join our classes, activities, special events, and trips, sometimes with an adjusted fee for non-members.


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