Legacy Room Rentals


Many reasons why you should rent the Legacy Room from the Pennridge Community Center for your next dance, dinner, reception, graduation, birthday, reunion, meeting, or other special event:

  • Convenient location - on Rout 113 near the intersection of Routes 113 & 152 in Silverdale.  Direct your invited guests to our Map for driving directions to the Center.
  • Ample free parking- 72 spaces and six handicapped spaces.  Convenient parking for your caterer at the kitchen entrance.
  • A canopied, covered front entrance
  • Flexible spaces to meet your needs - from our conference room (seats 25) to our beautiful ballroom (our Legacy Room) that can accommodate 172 people, and our Dining Room can seat 48 when not being used for food setup.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Flexible calendar
  • Support the programs and activities of the Center

Costs are dependent upon the length time rented and the facility you need.  There is also a refundable deposit (dependent upon the condition of the Center) due when the facility is booked.  These costs are:

 Legacy Room - $150 per hour; Deposit $350

Conference Room$75 per hour; Deposit $50     Patio - $100 per hour


Instructions for Room Set-up


Please list your request for room set-up below.  Complete the attached drawing indicating where you wish to place required items. Please be as specific as possible and provide these instructions by two weeks prior    to your event so that we may be successful in meeting your needs.   


Legacy Room Setup: $150.00 per hour includes, ballroom, dining room, and use of the kitchen, excluding the stoves, (1 hour before event and ½ an hour for cleanup after the event is included. Any more hours needed for cleanup and decorating must be included in the rental price.


  1. 0Auditorium-  Number: ______ (maximum of 170 people) (approximately 49' x 54')
  2. 0Rectangular tables (6')   -  Number: ______ (6’ by 30” wide)
  3. 0Round tables (72")   -  Number: ______ (10 chairs per table)
  4. 0tables in dining area (36")  -  Number: ______
  5. 0Use of dance floor (approximately 22 1/2' X 30')


Dining Room:  $100.00 per hour. Number _______________ (maximum of 24 people)


Conference Room Setup: $75.00 per hour.


  1. 0Square tables (36") - NumberSadmaximum of 2 tables, in addition to conference table)
  2. 0Chairs - Number: ______ There are 24 chairs in the conference an additional 6 regular chairs can be added.





     The kitchen may be used for incidental preparation, the use of the refrigerators, and the sinks.  At this point there is no usage of the stoves.


Contracts need to be signed and a deposit made prior to the rental.

Contact Margaret (Peggy) Lewis, Manager, at 215-453-7027 for more information.

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