A Message From Your President

September / October 2020

Hi All -


It’s been a rough five + months. Everyone misses the Center, and we hope everyone comes back. It will be different at the Center, so bear with us when we re-open.


On another topic, the Holiday Cash Raffle will again go on, on Nov. 22 (our 5th Annual !), but we will need to make changes in order to comply with the Covid-19 mandates. This year we will still sell our $20 tickets, and we plan to have the 18 drawings of $100 for each winner, and the Grand Prize of $500. But, we cannot have the event as we did previously. This November 22 a few members of the Executive Board and of the Advisory Board will meet in the Legacy Room to draw the winning numbers, as we cannot host this as a normal event. YES, there will still be winners. NO, the Center will not be open for food, music, or comradery. It pains us to do this, but we have no choice.   Also, note that the number of winners may need to be adjusted based on the number of tickets sold.


As an Advisory Board fundraiser, the Center desperately needs the money raised from this Raffle. You’ll notice a Raffle ticket in an addressed envelope is included in this Newsletter. If you want to participate, you must return the filled-in ticket stub with $20. Please use your postage to send this back, as this will save the Center a few more dollars. If you need more tickets, please call the Center and we will get tickets to you. We VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your participation, and we hope that for 2021 we will be back to ’normal.’


One last item — We have many, many members in the Center. From time to time a member passes away, but we’re not made aware of this. If you know of a member who passes away, please let Peggy know, so that we can acknowledge this, and so we can keep our member list current. Thank you.


Take care and take advantage of our other plans, listed on Page 6.  

    Ted Heimbach


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